How do I update my gender marker on my NJ driver’s license?

Last Updated: 05/09/2023

To update your gender marker on your NJ driver's license or non-driver ID card, fill out this form and bring it to any MVC Licensing Center.

You do not need an appointment as this is a "walk-in transaction." Wait times will vary.

This process must be done in person as your documents must be verified and you will have to turn in your current license. You will also need to pay a standard $11 fee to receive a new card.

On the form, you may indicate male, female, or X for those who identify as non-binary or prefer not to have their gender specified on their ID.

NOTE: You DO NOT need medical documentation or a doctor's signature to update your gender. To respect the rights and privacy of transgender individuals, the MVC changed its policy following a 2018 New Jersey law that ended a long-standing requirement of submitting proof of gender reassignment surgery to update gender markers on certain official records.