How do I update my birth certificate?

Last Updated: 05/09/2023

Note: To update your name on your birth certificate you must first get your name legally changed. To learn how, refer to our step-by step guide to changing your name.

If you were born in New Jersey, to update your name and/or gender marker on your birth certificate, fill out this form (if you are a minor, use this form) and mail it to the NJ Department of Health's Office of Vital Statistics and Registry along with a check for the processing fee.

Or you can complete the entire process online.

You can update your gender marker when you update your name or you can do it later. On the form, you may select male, female, or undesignated/non-binary.

Using the same form, you can also order updated copies of your birth certificate. It can take 8-12 weeks to process your request.

For a detailed guide, see below.

NOTE: You DO NOT need medical documentation or a doctor's signature to update your gender identity. To respect the rights and privacy of transgender individuals, a 2018 New Jersey law removed a long-standing requirement of submitting proof of gender reassignment surgery to update gender markers on certain official records.

Step One: Gather Your Documents

If you were born in New Jersey, to update your birth certificate, you will need the following:

  • A completed copy of this form (Note: If you are under 18, your parent/guardian should use this form)
  • A certified copy of the court order granting your legal name change (You only need this if you are updating your name, you do not need it to update your gender marker)
  • A copy of your birth certificate or current government ID to prove your identity (Note: your documents and ID will still be accepted if they have your birth name.)
  • A check of money order payable to "Treasurer, State of New Jersey" for the processing fee ($6 for the first amended copy and $2 for each additional copy)

Note: Fee waivers are available for homeless individuals. To learn more, refer to question 11 on NJ DOH's FAQ.

Step Two: Submit Your Documents

You can send your documents online or by mail.


You can complete the process online by submitting digital versions of your documents and completing the forms online using the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry's online system.


Send your documents and your processing fee to the following address:

Office of Vital Statistics & Registry – Records Modification Unit
NJ Department of Health
PO Box 370
Trenton, NJ 08625-0370

It can take 8-12 weeks to process your request, but processing times may vary due to the pandemic.

NJ Residents Born In Other States

If you were born in another state, contact the municipality or the state where you were born to update your birth certificate. The NJ Office of Vital Statistics and Registry cannot process your request as it has no record of your birth.

Some states still require a court order for a gender change before the gender marker on your birth certificate can be updated. Under the 2018 Babs Siperstein Law, New Jersey Courts were given the authority to issue a court order reflecting your transition that can be used in other states. You will need to submit a statement that your request for a court order is to conform with your gender identity. Free LGBTQIA+ legal services are available to help.