How do I change my name on my NJ driver’s license?

Last Updated: 05/09/2023

Note: To update your name on your driver's license, you must first get your name legally changed. To learn how, refer to our step-by step guide to changing your name.

Updating your name on your NJ driver's license must be done in-person to verify your documents.

Go to any MVC Licensing Center as a walk-in and you will be directed to the correct line. You do not need an appointment. Wait times will vary.

You will need to bring:

  • A certified copy of the court order granting your legal name change
  • Your "6 points of ID" documents to prove your identity and date of birth

All documents must be original or certified copies. You can order a certified copy of your New Jersey birth certificate using the NJ State Office of Vital Statistics' online system.

Note: It's okay if your birth name is on your "6 points documents and IDs." They will still be accepted.

While you are at the MVC Licensing Center, you can also update your gender marker on your license. To learn how, refer to this guide.